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I can’t believe it has been two weeks since my last blog post. I told my dad the other day that life just gets in the way! It’s not because I have been slacking, but because I have been extremely busy. Since I have gotten back from vacation the weather has been beautiful. This means massive yard work, and a re-construction of our new garden box (pics and post to come). Warm weather and the arrival of Summer also means Wedding Season. So 13 hour work days and 6 day work weeks are not uncommon. And when you are this busy, why not paint your master bedroom? Or offer to help cater your husband’s work party for 300 people on the side? Or host a two day garage sale? Why do I punish myself? I love the longer days of Summer because I can accomplish so much more, but sometimes I think I need to slow down and enjoy the season.

One of the things I love about longer days and warmer weather is getting up early to workout outside (and by love, I mean love-hate). And by early I mean 5:15am. Four days a week I drag myself out of bed to work out with my local Kaia Fit program. I have been doing this for a year now and I love it. Every work out is different (think Cross fit meets bootcamp meets yoga) so I never get bored and the Kaia coaches motivate me to push myself harder. Even though it is not a competitive environment, the other women in the class help hold me to a higher standard and I get a workout I could never achieve on my own.  Since I was taking a long vacation in May though, and had so much going on with the move, I took off the last 6 week session of Kaia. I just resumed this week though, and man was my body mad at me! Every muscle was sore, I felt like I did when I first started a year ago. How quickly your body forgets when you start to slack.

Along with working out, an important part of Kaia is what they call the Lean Mean Green diet. It’s not really a diet, but more of a lifestyle of drinking copious amounts of water and incorporating as many colorful vegetables into your diet as possible. My problem is not eating healthy though, its overeating since I am constantly trying stuff at work! As an ode to Kaia this week and to the end of Spring, I made a green omelette incorporating all the last of spring veggies from my CSA box. The result was a deliciously healthy and light breakfast that kept me going all morning. I could have made it healthier by not incorporating the mascarpone, but mascarpone does have fewer calories than butter or cream and packs in more protein (it also tastes good). It’s all about balance right? I guess i’ll keep repeating this mantra to myself as we forge into summer and I start to juggle more and more activities on my calendar.

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Asparagus & Mascarpone Omelette
yield – 1 omelette

All the veggies for this omelette came from my CSA box, and were extremely fresh. The eggs were organic and from a local farm. If you can get ingredients from your local farm or farmer’s market I highly recommend it. Eggs especially taste better when they are farm fresh. I made this omelette in the French style, meaning it is very light and delicate like a crepe with no brown bits on the eggs. This is my favorite way to make (and eat) an omelette. I explain the technique of a French omelette below. Just make sure you have a good non-stick pan when you start!

4 Asparagus
2 Spring Onions
1 TBSP Olive Oil
1/2 cup Spinach – fresh
1 Egg – whole
1 Egg – white only
2 TBSP Mascarpone Cheese
1 oz Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese – grated
Salt & Pepper to taste

  1. Crack the whole egg and egg white into a bowl and whisk them until foamy. Add the mascarpone and whisk them into the eggs until incorporated. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.
  2. Remove the bottom 1″ of the asparagus stalk. Slice 2 of the asparagus on a bias about 1/8″ thick – leave the other 2 asparagus stalks whole. Slice the spring onions to be about the same size as the asparagus.   
  3. Heat olive oil in a medium-sized non-stick skillet (about 10″) until hot. Add the two whole asparagus stalks and cook on high heat for 2 minutes or so, until al-dente. Remove the asparagus from the pan and set them aside (they will be the garnish for the omelette). Add the spring onions and asparagus to the hot skillet and sauté. Cook for about 2 minutes, or until they start to soften. Add the spinach to the pan, and let wilt.  
  4. Once the spinach has wilted, turn down the heat to low. Spread out the vegetable mixture evenly over the skillet. Pour the egg/mascarpone mixture over the veggies into the warm skillet. Swirl the pan to distribute the eggs. Using a rubber spatula push down the eggs from the side of the pan that are starting to firm. Continue to stir the eggs for the next minute or so, breaking up the eggs that have started to firm. Place a lid on the skillet and let the steam cook the eggs for one minute. 
  5. Remove the lid from the skillet and sprinkle on the parmigiano-reggiano cheese. When the cheese starts to melt, use the rubber spatula to delicately roll one side of the omelette toward the middle, repeat with the other side. Gently slide the omelette out of the pan and on to a plate. Garnish with the 2 whole asparagus.